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Information on action, impediments and elimination of reactive oxygen species has been summarized from Dr. Niwa’s book and other official reference materials such as publications, conferences and various newspapers.

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  • Reactive oxygen species and their damaging effects

Reactive oxygen species and their damaging effects

Dr. Yukie (Kozo) Niwa

1962 Graduated Kyoto University, School of Medicine Doctor of Medicine

Present Position

Head Manager, Niwa Institute of Immunology Director, Tosashimizu Hospital


Dr. Niwa was a pioneer in the study of reactive oxygen species and the SOD enzyme that eliminate reactive oxygen species. He is now a world authority on the subject, with many contributions to international medical magazines.


Dr. Niwa has long been involved in the treatment and research of atopic dermatitis, rheumatism and cancer, and has discovered abnormal ractive oxygen species to be the cause of these diseases. He developed anticancer agents and small molecule antioxidants such as SOD like actions foods, and has produced excellent results in the treatment of these serious illnesses.


Dr. Niwa has contributed more than 70 research reports to international medical magazines in the English language and has written many research theses. He has also published many books on reactive oxygen species and atopy. These books have been translated into English and Korean, and have been widely published overseas.

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