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Information on action, impediments and elimination of reactive oxygen species has been summarized from Dr. Niwa’s book and other official reference materials such as publications, conferences and various newspapers.

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What are the side effects of Niwa SOD like action foods?

Niwa SOD like action foods are made from natural ingredients, so there are no side effects. The editor’s family has consumed relatively large amounts of Niwa SOD like action foods for 5 years, without any problems. However, when you first start taking them, you may experience temporary abdominal fullness, constipation or diarrhea.

The following are excerpts from some reports concerning side effects of Niwa SOD like action foods.

Statement by the Chairman at the Japan College of Rheumatology
At a Japan College of Reumatology Conference held in May, 1987, the lecturer, Dr. Negishi of Showa University’s Department of Internal Medicine, presented a report using slides, photographs of affected areas and clinical data of his treatment of 63 patients (including collagen disease patients) who completely stopped taking drugs they had been administered up to that time and took only SOD like action foods supplied by Dr. Niwa, for a period of a few months. (Statement by the Chairman after listening to the clinical report) “Once again, Dr. Niwa has acquired more believers. If his products are this effective, he should immediately file an application to have it approved as a medical drug. The only drawback is that you need to take quite a large quantity. Of course, there are no side effects, so this may not even be a drawback….”, he said, as he wound up the reports and discussions at the Conference.
Dr Yukie (Kozo) Niwa’s statement concerning “Treatment for atopy”
I recommend patients with atopic syndrome to follow their diet restrictions and to continue taking SOD like foods to avoid a recurrence. SOD like foods are made from 100% natural plants, so there are no side effects whatsoever. Also, even if you consume more than the required amount, anything in excess will be excreted from your system, so there is no need to worry about your natural SOD inducing capacity (a body function that stimulates secretion of SOD enzymes) declining.
Dr. Yukie (Kozo) Niwa’s statement concerning “Treatment for atopy for pregnant women”
Overwork, lack of sleep and stress are 3 big factors that aggravate symptoms of atopic dermatitis in adults. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is constantly subjected to an overworked state. Additionally, morning sickness and other disorders can deprive sleep. The expectant mother may also feel emotional and stressed out. Under these conditions, the dermatitis is likely to get worse and peak with the delivery and childcare.
SOD like foods are safe for pregnant women and will help prevent aggravation of dermatitis. It also helps prevent gestational toxicosis, so this leads to a delivery of a healthier baby. We have received reports from hospitals that make use of SOD like foods for the well being of expectant mothers, stating that deliveries are easy, and that both mothers and babies are very healthy after delivery.
Product testing of Niwa SOD like action foods
To ensure safety and effectiveness of SOD like action foods, all products undergo analyses and inspection at the Niwa Institute of Immunology, commensurate with facilities equal in quality to any public organization.

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